1. Regulation Treble Dart Board.

2. Board to be a 5'8" from floor to bull.

3. Throw to 7 foot 9 & a Quarter from wall to 'oche' which must be toed.

4. Div one and two Team to consist of 5 singles. Best of 3 legs 501 straight in finish on double, 2 pairs to play 1 leg 1001
up straight in Finish on a double .

5. 5 singles to be put down before game starts. 2 pairs to be put down when singles are played. Each Team to write on the
same card , home team to put there team down first then give it to the away captain to view and put down there team .

6. Away team to have 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th leg.

7. Bust rule WILL apply as from the summer league 2014 on the monday night league only. Bull counts as double.

8. Thrower to take out own darts and check correct score is deducted.

9. Last score as well as running total must be shown on score board.

10. Captains to decide on use of electric score boards.

11. As from summer 2014 the home team will write there team down and give it to the away team without bending or hiding there team.