1. On a Monday night league in DIV 1and DIV 2 Teams to consist of 3 pairs. Each pair to play best of 3 games 5up in section 1 and 2 the 3rd game of the best of 3 is there For a tie break situation only there is NO need to play it if you are already 2,0 up on your table as you have already won your Table . if you win your table thats 1 leg for your team and each table is 1 leg so your team can win or lose 2,1 3,0. All teams must have four fulltime domino players.

The Laides league remains the same 1 game 7up (first to 7 wins the table)

2. Away Team to have drop on 1st and 3rd table.

3. If a hand is stitched ,lowest hand wins on count, If a tie on count hand is played again. Same player having drop.

4. If a wrong Domino is played the player is known that hand is given away. If the player is not known hand is played again,
same player having drop.

5. Match played on tables won, 2 points awarded to winner ie 2,1 or 3,0