General Rules (PART ONE)

Away1. DARTS & DOMINOES (Played on Monday Nights)

. All Away Teams MUST be Arrived at the away venue by 8.30pm ready to play at 8.45 with the Deadline to be at 9pm for all players to be there.


. Results MUST be texted or phoned in within 24 hours , BOTH captains must text the result not just the home captain , to 07968703361

. Last Player must be Present for 9pm unless otherwise arranged by the two Captains to allow for late shift workers. ALL player must be there and
ready to play at the time it is their turn or the team must play someone else or forfeit the leg. teams can not wait for a player to arrive or finish playing
a domino game or come from another league so they can play in the hdddcl. there is no rule saying a player can't play in diffrent leagues on one night
but the player must be ready at the time their turn comes to play or the team in question must play another player available or if they have no one
then forfeit the leg. You can only paly 2 darts players at dominoes, all teams must have 4 full time domino players, any darter doubling up must play
numbers 1 and 2 at darts, NOT 3,4 or 5

. Result sheets must not be altered unless the opposite Captain gives there permission.

. No player is allowed to play for more than one Team in any one Season.

. All teams must have at least 4 full time domino players and can only use 2 darts players, any team giving away a table of dominoes must give away
A leg of darts . Any Team not having a full Team must play those present and forfeit the rest.

. Scoring format to be agreed by Captains

. The points awarded for both division one and two is ( 2 points for a win )

. The home side must put their team down first and present it to the away side without.
Both teams must put thier full single players down before the game starts .


. All rules as above but to be played on Thursdays OTHER THAN NO BUST RULE IN THE LADIES
. The Darts is 4 singles 501 and 1 leg of pairs 1001
. The dominoes are 3 tables 1 game 7up
. Only laddies playing in the thursday night ladies league and the ladies single and dubles can count thier 180's and highest check outs
ladies hitting 180's and high check outs on a monday will not be added to the ladies league but will count in the monday night darts league.


. All rules as above but to be played on Wednesdays. Away teams to arrive at 8.30 ready to play at 8.45pm.

. 2 points will be added for a win to your table score. i.e if you win 6,3 you get 8 points, If there is a tie then it goes on games won, If still tied it
goes on the leg diffrence. If still tied on same points , games won and legs won then there will be a play off


. All Results must be in within 24 hours of the match being played,you can text your Results to the Secretary on 07968 703361 or Email to There is NO need to waste money on stamps posting your cards , just bring them to the meetings
A £2 fine will be added to your bill for late results.

The Quicker the Results are in the quicker the tables can be produced. All 180's and checkouts over 100 to be added to your text or call
All 180's and 100+ checkouts are registard from all single , pairs and cup knock out matches too. LADIES 180's and ton plus check out's
can only be counted when hit in the ladies thursday league and ladies singles and pairs knock outs. One's hit by ladies on monday nights
will only be counted along with the other monday night darts 180's and ton plus check outs and not counted for the ladies league.


. Darts and Dominoes £5
. Ladies Darts and Dominoes £5
. Cribbage £5

. Mens and Ladies Darts and Dominoes £1 per Player
. Cribbage £1 per Player