General Rules (PART TWO)


. Weekly match Fees
. Resulting at £7.00 per Team on Monday Night.
. Ladies Darts and Dominoes £6.00
. Cribbage £5.00 per Team.
. You collect the same match fees in the winter league team cup knock outs as you would a league game.


.Teams with outstanding Fees will not be admitted again untill Fees are paid in full, also the players from that team must pay THIER
share of the outstanding sub before moving to play for another team (Captains responsibilty for fees).


. Teams wishing to Postpone a Game must call the opposition to see if its possible giving 24 hrs notice. If the opposition are unable to
Reschedule the game then the team wishing to cancel the match must play with who they have or forfeit the match.
If the opposition are able to comply then they must choose a suitable date for their team to play it and the team wishing to cancel must
Play on that date or forfeit the game. It is not against the rules to ask for a game to be rescheduled but its not against the rules for a
team captain to decline the request as some teams have players who play in other leagues on other nights and also have lifes to lead other
than darts and choose to play on mondays , wednesdays or thursdays only.
all cancelled games that can not be played will still be charged for . its up to you to have enough players signed on to cover holidays and
work pattens. please respect the opposition captains decision because if his players can't make other nights then thats final.


. These will now be published every 2 weeks on the Website (Depending on the speed that the Secretary gets your Results.
. Incase of a tie at the end of the season the Team having won most legs will take higher place,if there is still a tie on legs won then it will go
On head to head results between the teams in the tie.


. All winners and runner up's MUST attend. if you do not attend then
your prize money will put back into the league.

. Prizes will be paid in Cash for all leagues (Darts, Dominoes Laddies D&D and Crib)
The summer league prize money for monday night d&d £200 1st and £100 2nd

wednesday night crib is £200 for winning and £100 for r-up and £50 for 3rd

(Ladies league will be £160 winners £80 runners up
The winter league prize money is the same

The mens darts singles are £50 winner, £25 runner up , ladies singles is £20 winner, £10 runner up
The mens darts pairs are £100 winners , £50 runners up , ladies is £40 winners , £20 runners up
The crib and the domino pairs winners are £80 Winners £40 runners up
The crib K/O cup will be £100 winners.

All consorlation games are for a cup only
There is NO prize money for the the consorlation cups


. Committees decision will be final at all times. The dates of each meeting are set by the secretary of the league and are final.

. There are no age limits to playing in the HDDDCL , its down the landlord and landladys licencing rules to decide if your under 16's
are allowed in there venue
if your playing away its up to you to call where your playing and ask the landlord if under 16's are allowed , there decision is final.

. All letters of complaints and sugested rules changes must be given to the secretary 7 days before a meeting so the secretary
can add it to the agenda.

. If you have a player whos barred from a certain pub there is nothing the league any one can do . its down to the landlord/lady
to have the final say who is allowed in there pubs and clubs . you can either play without that said person or forfeit the game.